Ceris is passionate about textiles and motor sport and has decided to combine her two passions to create her current collection of exceptional quality fabrics for the fashion industry.  Core to the collections aims is to bring a modern twist to a traditional technique and resulting original woven designs. Inspiration has been taken from the exciting world of Formula One: luxury, a sense of movement and car motifs have been explored primarily through the medium of hand weaving on a computer-driven 24 shaft AVL Dobby Loom. A complimentary collection of digitally printed fashion accessories have also been created from woven CADs created using ScotWeave software. The warp yarn used is a luxurious 50% Wool 50% Silk blend which is hand dyed. The weft yarns used are a range of fancy/interesting yarns, which have been carefully chosen to give the cloth a sense of movement and invited tactile quality.  Artist Statement